Xenophobia witnessed in South Africa, is nothing but common nonsense.

It’s sad that a country can give birth to a person of insurmountable human dignity such as Nelson Mandela, and still have a xenophobic populace that abhors the quality of human life, as witnessed in South Africa. Guys Scott, a white man of Scotland ancestry became the vice president of Zambia in 2011.Barrack Obama, a […]

Why I disagree with Miguna and,any form of misogyny.

Women have significantly earned their place in the society, after years of being viewed as the lesser gender.Some countries in the world have women for presidents, Germany has a female chancellor, Britain has a female Prime minister and, Yahoo has a female C.E.O. Despite all the achievements made by women-both in career and politics, issues […]

Corruption in Kenya and, its diagnosis of multiple personality disorder.

Corruption in Kenya suffers from multiple personality disorder.This is an obvious diagnosis given it’s  shifting identity.We lost the war on corruption  before it began, because of the biased multifaceted approach of dealing with the vice. Any exposé on corruption prompts divergent views in the country’s social sphere. Pseudo activists pop up with all manner of conspiracies, […]

Because I have a platform to address Kenyans…

Most of our politicians are masters of double speak. They get to power using the wagon of our interests but, abandon us to become sycophants of the executive. Negative ethnicity has become so pervasive and entrenched in our society because of them. Our politicians will preach against negative ethnicity in public but, this isn’t the […]